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Every school year, we are delighted at what students learn through our programs. Of course, all of our programs support classroom learning goals. And independent evaluations of our work demonstrate that our approach is working. But to witness students' AH-HA! moments when they learn through the arts is so inspiring.

We saw one struggling math student suddenly grasp what one-eighth meant when he was asked to color a grid one-quarter purple and one-eight yellow in art class.

We've read notes from 2nd graders who were surprised to discover that lighting and costumes have a huge impact on how they feel about characters on a stage.

And we heard a very proud parent say that when his 6th-grade daughter saw a performance about the Amistad trial at Hartford's Old State House, it both gave her a new respect for her city and sparked in her an intense passion for civil rights. 

Those kinds of deep, personal experiences are what makes Hartford Performs programs so powerful and so joyful. They are what you make possible when you support Hartford Performs.

Here’s what your tax-deductible donation to Hartford Performs will do:

$20 – 2-4 students attend a live theater performance or concert
$50 – 5 students participate in a writing workshop that uses Rap as a hook
$100 – 10 students explore a museum and then make their own art about what they saw
$250 – An entire class swaps a standard phys ed class for a Hip Hop lesson
$500 – 50 students see a live Flamenco performance and then quiz the dancers
$1,000 – Four classes stage their own theater production about a Greek myth

Our Supporters

A special thank you to our funders who make our work possible
and help to bring arts into students’ lives.


Afiah Abdi

Wystan Ackerman

Jessica Alfieri

Jennifer Allen

Richard Alleyne

Lisa B. Andrzejewski

Steven Asberry

Tracy and Mike Avicolli

Mike Bader

Moe Banks

Ella Mae Barnes

Melissa Barnes

Ahmia Begaeta

Jared Berg

Deveria Berry

Jackie Bethea

Kathleen and Glen Bolduc

Alicia Borofsky

Brian Bugli

Daryl Bugli

Lawrence Bumpus

Hysha Burgess

Marion Carling

Patricia Chandler

Barbara K. Chase

Lauren Clarke

José Colón-Rivas

Maureen Conlin Chrysoulakis

Lynne Cooper

Don Cornwell

Joan Cosentino

Greg Covington

Ana Davis

Ray DeMeo

Judy Dobai

Kip Dwyer

Paul Eddy

Maureen Entwistle

Ryan Erickson

Melissa Fernandez

Marlene Ferreira

Samantha Foran

Kevin and Kelly Frye Barnett

Shari Gill

James Goldman

Robin Gooch

Floyd W. Green

Emily Greeson

Winifred Burns Grimaldi

Sherri Hall

Denise Harris

Andrea Hawkins

Meg Hayes

Paul Holzer

Patti Hoppin

Christopher Hug

Jodi Huyler

Deneen Iverson-Kidd

Beth Johnson

Deb Jorge

Tracy Kane

Jen Katz Giamattei

Brendan Kennedy

Kathy Kennedy

Naomi Kleinman

Peter Knight

Lois Koteen

Patrick Langevin

Patrick Lawrence

Mike Lombardi

Brenda Lopez

Mary Lynch

Mike Lynch

Karen Maciorowski

Nicole Martins

Beatrice Maslowski

Paul R. McCary

Hopeton McLean

Jean McLean

Janice McMahon

Julie Medina

Patty Messner

Joey Lee Miranda

Tawanda Mobley

Ann Monge

Ermelinda Morizio

John Morizio

John Motley

Kate Muchnick

Patsy Mundy

M. Murray

Megan Naughton

John Nealon

Kendra Nealon

Elizabeth Normen

Thais Ortolaza

Marta Ostapiuk

Christina Oulundsen

Jose Ramirez Palermo

Charlotte A Pearson

Dee Pelletier

Karen Perham-Lippman

Stephen Perry

Nancy Peterson

Beth Pite

Rie Poirier-Campbell

Matt Poland

Maryellen Prudhomme

Beverley Pryce

Esther Pryor

Peter Puzio

Robyn Raley Joyce

James Ray

Samantha Regina

Mrs. Robinson

Stuart Rosen

Nancy Ruggles

Sharon Russell

Barbara Rybka

Beverly Salmon-Black

Laurie Ann Scotti

Rhonda Scurlock

Ryan Sheehan

Austin Sims

Kevin Small

Ellen Martin Smith

Gabriella Smith

Laura Soll-Broxterman

Yolande Nicholson Spears

Margaret Stacy

Sharon Steinle

Betty Sternberg

Dr. Tayarisha Stone

Michael Stotts

David Tanner

Janet Tanner

Deidra Tavera

Trisila Tirado

Meg Torres

Cynthia Tseng

Dunnia Ulloa

Greg Varga

Joan Walden

Emily Waniewski

Karen Wexler

Linden White

Merrin White

Olivia White

Susan Williams

Donald K. Wilson

Jean Wilson

Michael and Gail Yaffe

Cindy Cudworth Yanaros

Heidi Zdrojeski

Another special thank you to all who have given any kind of support and to our countless partners who have contributed through subsidized services or other creative ways.

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