It is imperative for Hartford Performs to align to the School District’s background check policy. ALL freelance artists are required to go to CREC in Hartford, CT to have their fingerprints and background check done before their programs are allowed into Hartford Public Schools. If you are an arts organization, Hartford Performs is operating under the assumption that you have done a background check on your employees and will also be held liable for any misconduct of programs entering the schools on your organization’s behalf.

Fingerprinting Process:

  1. To schedule your appointment, please visit the CREC website here.  At your appointment say you are requesting a background check for Hartford Performs and to send the results to Emily Waniewski, not to the school district or individual schools.
  2. Make sure to bring two forms of identification with you.
  3. The cost for a background check is $60.00 either by money order or credit card.
  4. All new Art Providers must send their Fingerprint Analysis and Background Check to Emily Waniewski by August 1st, 2017.

FAQ Arts Providers have about fingerprinting:

1I’ve had my fingerprinting done at a local police station, do I have to have them redone?
Yes, fingerprinting and background checks must be done through CREC in Hartford, CT in order to adhere to the school district’s background check policy. When a background check is done at a police station, the background check is for that specific town. CREC will do a nation-wide check. Hartford Performs will only accept background checks that were done through CREC in Hartford, CT.
2How long does it take for the results of my background check to be sent to Hartford Performs?
It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for background check results to be returned.
3Will I get a copy of my background check?
No, you will receive a copy of your actual fingerprints but results will be sent to Hartford Performs and will be kept confidential.
4I am an arts organization that has not done background checks on my employees, should we go through the same background process as the freelance artists in Hartford Performs?
It is highly recommended that an organization runs a background check on their employees, and you are more than welcome to use CREC for this service. But be sure to have the background check information submitted to your specific organization, not Hartford Performs. If you have your results submitted to Hartford Performs they will not be able to provide you a copy of the background checks due to privacy laws.

Ensuring students’ safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance, both to Hartford Public Schools and Hartford Performs.

To that end, beginning with the 2017-18 school year, Hartford Performs will require all of its teaching artists to complete an online mandatory reporter training course through the Connecticut Department of Children and Families. Click below to complete this 45-minute program.

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