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2020 Hartford Performs Database Guide

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Entering Dates in Database Calendar

Step by Step Tutorial:

  1.  Go to
  2.  Scroll down and log into the database with your username and password.
  3.  When you log in, you will see your dashboard.
  4.  Next select the ‘booking list’ tab.
  5.  Make sure the correct school year is displayed in the ‘Program Year’ tab.
  6.  If it isn’t the correct year, change it to the appropriate year and select ‘apply filters’.
  7.  Then you will scroll down and see your bookings for the current school year.
  8.  You want to click ‘view booking details’ on one of your program bookings.
  9.  A small box will pop up with detailed information for the booking. When you scroll down you will notice it says in ‘Booking Times’: “No dates selected.”
  10. Click on the top date bar or calendar icon in the “Add a new date” section.
  11. You will then select the appropriate date and start time that your program is taking place.
  12. Click on the lower bar to enter in the end date and end time.
  13. Add notes below the date section to let the teacher know if your will be coming early to set up or the schedule of classes within the day.
  14. You will get a notification saying that your date has successfully been added to the calendar. You and the lead teacher will also receive an email notification that a date has been added.
  15. Download the date you added into your personal calendar by selecting “download" iCalendar.” This can be forwarded or shared with your lead teacher too.

Deleting or Changing a Date:

  1. Open the View Booking Details for the date you want to change or delete.
  2. Scroll down to Booking Times section.
  3. Find the date you want to delete and select “Delete Date”.
  4. You will receive a prompt that the date was deleted. Do not select “save” or the database will save the current date in the booking.

Elementary & Middle School Program Split 

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Payment Voucher Process from booking to payment

  1. You received a booking confirmation with a voucher number.
  2. You’ve arranged a date or dates with the lead teacher for the booking.
  3. You enter the date/s of the program into the database calendar (see step by step instructions attached or video tutorial here.)*
  4. The day of the program arrives!
    1. You receive an email from Hartford Performs that a payment voucher is waiting for your approval.
    2. You complete the program and approve the voucher using the link in the email or logging in to the database. Video tutorial here.
    3. Next, the school site coordinator receives an email from Hartford Performs that your payment voucher is waiting for their approval.
    4. The site coordinator approves the voucher.
  5. The Program Director reviews all vouchers every Monday.
  6. The Finance Manage cuts checks for all reviewed vouchers every other Tuesday of each month. (see finance schedule below for  2018)
  7. The Executive Director signs checks and payment is sent out via mail that afternoon.

*If you do not enter in a date for your program into the database calendar, then you will not receive a payment voucher. This will delay you receiving payment in a timely manner for your program.

For assistance with entering in calendar dates, please contact Quiana Grant at or by calling 860-249-8675,  M – Th 8:00 am – 1:00 pm.

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