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Do you want to get further involved with the arts and experience arts education at your school? Advocating (in other words, telling/showing others why something is important to you) is a great way to get people to listen. As students and parents, you have the ability to express what you want out of education. If you want to see more of the arts, here are some things you can do.

Arts and Wellness in Hartford Public Schools:

10 Tips on how to be an Arts Advocate for your School

  1. Speak to your Board of Education (BOE) on behalf of your arts teachers or to encourage them to hire more arts teachers if needed. Gather information about the interest level in your school, make sure your message is clear, and send a letter to the BOE requesting a meeting to state your case (also include this in the letter).
  2. Organize a school talent show and encourage all types of performances to showcase the talent within your school.
  3. Organize a slam poetry event to raise money for buses to visit a museum.
  4. Organize an open mic night (this can include singing, stand-up comedy, poetry, etc.) so anyone can attend and perform without an audition.
  5. Get a group of talented writers together to create your own play about your town, your school, or anything that inspires you then ask the drama department to direct and perform it (or put it on yourselves). Use this to raise money for arts supplies.
  6. Host a photography contest at your school. Have each participant submit multiple (3-5) pieces of photography that fall under a chosen theme. The winners can have their photography collections displayed in a main area of the school building and/or receive a prize of your choice.
  7. Look for singers and/or musicians in your school. Record them playing their favorite pieces and create a playlist to distribute to students and staff. You could even charge a small fee to raise money for an arts field trip or program in your school.
  8. Survey your fellow students about what kind of arts programs and classes (for instance, dance, instrumental, singing, theater, painting, sculpting, drawing, etc.) they are interested in seeing at the school. Forward the results to your arts teachers, principal, and even the BOE, if you wish.
  9. Create a literary or arts magazine at your school. The team that puts the issues together can become as a club during your designated activity time or after school. Ask for entries from your fellow students of their paintings, drawings, photography, short stories, poems, etc., as well as events relating to the arts in your area. By creating/distributing these magazine issues, students can showcase their talent, be inspired, and find out what cool events they can attend.
  10. Last but not least, get organized! All advocacy requires organization, mentally and physically. Get a group of students and parents together who share your passion for the arts in your school and brainstorm together about potential ideas. Then, you can strategically create plans of action and events before executing them. Multiple brains working together in an orderly manner will give the best results.
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