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Who We Serve 

The Hartford Performs collaboration serves students, teachers, and administrators in the Hartford Public School district. Hartford Public School students are ethnically diverse, with about 53% being Hispanic/Latino/a, 30% Black/African American, 10% White/Caucasian and 6% other groups. Hartford students come from families speaking more than 80 languages. Approximately 19% of Hartford Public School students are English Language Learners and 18% receive special education services. More than 74% of Hartford’s students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.  Hartford Performs’ model emphasizes equity and equal access to ensure that ALL Hartford students have high-quality arts experiences that support their classroom learning as well as their social/emotional development.

To help us better meet the needs of Hartford’s students and teachers, we also provide professional-learning services to the local and regional arts providers who offer the programming. Approximately 150 teaching artists and arts organizations deliver programs to the students and educators we serve.


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