Aetna & Hartford Performs Arts Supply Drive

Keeping ART in HARTford schools, a partnership between Hartford Performs and Aetna.

Aetna's Summer Associates just completed an Art Supply Drive benefiting Hartford public school art teachers. Now, we are asking YOU to continue to support this drive which runs through National Arts Day on September 12, 2018.

The arts are a critical part of any student’s learning. Drawing, painting, sculpting, and collaging help kids express themselves. Art lets them tell their stories; giving them voice when they might not have words. Art also encourages creativity – and creativity is the #1 skill employers say they need in their future workforce. Sadly, many public school teachers rarely have the art supplies they need to give their students the kind of varied and vibrant arts experiences they need.

How do you donate?

Just check out the attached list for a complete list of art supplies.

Then review these tips and resources:

• This list consists of the "need" that Arts Teachers have expressed through a district wide survey;

• Schools need variety. Consider buying unique art supplies;

• By going through the link above, your donation will be delivered directly to Aetna where their volunteers will sort and distribute art supplies to the 50+ Arts Teachers in Hartford Public Schools.

You can also e-mail Tracey with any questions at:
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