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Summary of Hartford Performs’ strategic plan 2016-2020


“The arts are integral to student success in Hartford Public Schools.”


“Hartford Performs connects all Hartford Public School students to quality arts experiences that advance student learning and deepen engagement in community.”

Core Mission Strategies

  • Deepen arts integration programs among all HPS PK-8 students to advance student success and promote student voice.
  • Expand Hartford Performs into all HPS high schools to ensure access for all students and to build on the arts learning developed in lower grades.
  • Strengthen arts integration instructional capacity at all grade levels within HPS so that all students have access to great arts experiences.
  • Support out-of-school-time arts learning and engagement in Hartford so that more children have access to arts experiences that engage them, inspire them and help them develop into well-rounded individuals.

Mission Enabling Strategies

  • Support in-school arts learning and engagement.
  • Deepen our partnership with Hartford Public Schools to better serve all HPS students.
  • Build operational capacity to provide sufficient, high-quality programming to all HPS students.
  • Provide arts leadership beyond the current HPS programming model to promote the value of arts learning and attract new supporters.
  • Strengthen the Board’s capacity.
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