O.P.M.A.D Opportunities for Artists 

OPMAD offers employment opportunities for before and after school programs. 

Job positions that may be available include:

  • On-Site Coordinator
  • Vendor – Professional that offers dance, music, chess, yoga, art, culture, karate, or hobbies you choose to share with the students.
  • Class Instructor (Part-time, Hourly)

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Greater Hartford Arts Council

The GHAC aspires to create a vibrant, thriving community that is united by art.Their mission is to inspire all people to participate and invest in the arts. 

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The Connecticut Office of the Arts

The COA is committed to advancing arts learning through high quality arts engagement, integration, arts exploration, creation, and discovery experiences. 

Interested artists should review the guidelines about their rolling application and contact Bonnie Koba for questions.

For more information and additional grant opportunities check out their website at: https://portal.ct.gov/DECD/Services/Arts-and-Culture/Funding-Opportunities  


Awarded: One-hundred nine 

 The Supporting Arts grant program provides unrestricted funding to help support Connecticut's arts organizations and municipal arts departments as they pursue their mission. This type of grant is flexible..   


Awarded: Twenty-eight 

 The Arts Project grant program provides funding for the planning and implementation of arts-based projects, of all disciplines, for Connecticut audiences, communities and participants. The project must be accessible and relevant to the audience and community and must engage at least one (1) Connecticut artist in a significant project role. 


Awarded: Forty-six 

The Regional Initiative grant program provides funding for the planning and implementation of small community art projects. Panel reviews are conducted regionally in collaboration with COA's nine Designated Regional Service Organizations that serve as local field offices for the Connecticut Office of the Arts.  


Awarded: Ten 

The Connecticut Office of the Arts promotes teaching and learning in, about, and through the arts, through high quality arts engagement, arts integration, arts exploration and discovery experiences. Through its Arts Learning Presentation grant program, COA seeks to connect PK-12 schools and citizens with arts experience(s) in Connecticut.

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